shoe-cakes.jpgWe're always grateful to be offered cake here at Shoewawa (or, for that matter, chocolate, booze, free shoes etc) but the surprise we had on reaching the office earlier this week was a particularly good one: a box crammed full of cakes that were not only cakes, they were shoe-shaped cakes, complete with wafer heels, edible butterfly backs and sugar corsages. What an absolute treat!

We weren't sure where the shoe-cakes had originated, since all we had to go on was the name 'Ang', which was written on icing on an edible label on each cake. Our detectives soon found out that this referred to Angela of Dough and Stuff who is a bit of a whizz at making fun and delicious edibles that also look great.

shoe-cupcakes.pngAngela told us that the shoe-cakes are a lot of fun to put together, and that she'll happily take orders from anyone else who wants some glamorous baked goods in their life. Here are the cakes again - shown this time from the back so you can appreciate how fabulously well decorated they are! Check out more from Angela at the Dough and Stuff website.