Some of the best shoe designs are the most simple, and there's an elegant simplicity about these lattice-cut flat shoes from Zara that is very easy to love. Made from soft, high shine gold leather with a dainty black bow, they are the kind of shoes that can turn slobbing around in flats into a stylish art form - and we all need a pair of shoes with that kind of power in our wardrobes!

The shoes are a bargainous £29.99 and you can buy them in store or on the website here. There's a silver style available too but we think the rendering of the gold colour has a lot more of a quality feel about it, bringing it into line with makers of premium flatties such as French Sole, Pretty Ballerinas et. al. The diamond cut perforations are what make these shoes lovely to look at, but we're sure they'll also be a godsend in the summer when the hot weather forces us into cooler and airier styles. Bring it on!