heart-trainers.pngMiss Selfridge is featuring heavily on our Shoewawa wishlist at the moment, both in terms of the clothes and the shoes - and these adorable Converse-style hi-tops are definitely a current fave with Valentine's Day just around the corner. They'll be light on the wallet, too, at a mere £22 here. Called 'Amore', they are made with soft canvas printed with subtle shades of dove grey and pale pink, faded to almost appear white in the season's slightly grungy, washed-out style.

You could incorporate these shoes into a casual all greys and monochromes outfit, or alternatively wear them with the coming season's neon trims and sports-inspired streamlined clothing. I'd rock them with some slate grey denim and a loose, off-the-shoulder jersey, perhaps over a nice tight body suit. Either way, you're sure to have happy feet! 

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