tropical-print-shoes.pngThere's nothing like a bright 'Bobby Dazzler' of a shoe to chase away the last of the winter blues and right now we're starting to stock up on the shoes we hope to be seen in this summer - even if wearing them is the stuff of daydreams only for now. Let your imagination run riot when choosing which colours to wear in the coming season, and prepare to clash and flash once the warm weather starts to make its return.

Most brands and designers have gone for bright, tropical prints and hues for their S/S collections and one of the high street brands that's embraced this look most warmly is River Island. We love these 'Erika' tropical print wedges, which are £80 and available in store now. We can't wait to start wearing styles like this (see also Steve Madden's Winnona style) with some gorgeous grape-coloured nail polish on our toes and plenty of gold jewellery. Bring on the sunny days!