victoria-beckham-runway.pngVictoria Beckham's Fall 2012 collection was a hot ticket at New York Fashion Week on Sunday, as the British icon showcased a collection characterised by sharp lines, luxe simplicity and streamlined, pared-down style. The singer-come-designer commented that 'these are the clothes I want to wear now I'm no longer pregnant'. There was certainly not a lump or bump to be seen anywhere in this very skin-tight set of garments!

But the footwear was also worth a closer look: heavy boots offset the lightness of the skirts and dress fabrics, and there was even a subtle biker look coming through in the boots, many of which were criss-crossed with straps:


We loved the tough-looking, shiny leather that Beckham had chosen to fashion the boots, whose straps were often patteend with grainier leather or scaly effects. All were worn with slouch socks that dropped just below the knee; a look we'll be interested to monitor on the high street in coming months.