The return of the wedge a few seasons ago has opened up a whole new chapter in shoe style that just seems to keep getting bigger, bolder and better. Just when we thought the look had run its course, a wealth of new styles have appeared on our radar, filtering down to the high street from designers like Isabel Marant, Brian Atwood and Jimmy Choo; encouraging us to go a bit higher and a bit chunkier with our footwear this season.

Wedges are a great way to give your outfit an overall boost, in both the literal and metaphorical sense: you need never worry about tripping over or dirtying your longest maxi skirts when you've got a pair of seriously uplifting shoes keeping you afloat. They are also loads easier to wear than pointy heels, especially in the summer when you might find yourself navigating beaches and country paths. But best of all they have that unmistakable note of chic about them that brings the neo-70s vibe effortlessly into your look. What's not to love?