celebrity-tattoos.pngThis week we've seen two examples of a growing trend among celebrities in particular: text-based tattoos that snake around the feet. The look is particularly striking when open-sided shoes are worn - especially when they're made in a strong colour like both red pairs worn here. Both of these images were taken at the Hollywood premiere of The Vow, which hits UK screens on Friday.

The feet in question belong to Christa B. Allen (left) and Jenna Dewan-Tatum (right). Christa B Allen's tattoo is a bit of a mystery: we can't find any record of what it says, and it is indistinguishable from the photo, even when blown up large. Here is an up-close image of the "tattoo" (for all we know it could be ball point pen!) if you think you can decipher it:


The lettering on Jenna's foot, meanwhile, is Balinese and translates as "side by side": the ink was a romantic gesture dating back to 2009, when the actress and her husband Channing Tatum got 'his and hers' tattoos as a mark of their love for one another. Awww. 

Now, since it's Wednesday, it would only be polite to ask you guys what you think of this celebrity trend for inked feet. Would you do it to yours? As shoe-lovers it's important to think this trend through carefully, we would advice: it certainly has a bearing on how any shoes you might wear are going to look and we've heard it's a painful place to go under the needle, too. But hey, stars love it...

What do YOU think?