mcqueen-shoes.pngAfter the storming performance of the McQ diffusion line in London, one particularly hot ticket at Paris Fashion Week was Alexander McQueen's mainline catwalk show. Looking more like couture than anything we'd normally expect to see at the main event, the garments were the sort of other-worldly creations that only the house of McQueen can really get away with at the moment - and what a show it was. Models walked the runway apparently blinded in wide visors, wearing frothed-up creations and some truly exceptional footwear.

Once again, shoes without heels featured strongly, with some interesting new design takes on this vertiginous style. Check out the boots above, which perched on a flat, iron-like platform that took all the weight at the front. We loved the steel capping on the soles, and the sharp contrast created by the white straps and fluffy trim. 

alexander_mcqueen_shoes.pngElsewhere, shoes had the same flat-iron formation, a design innovation and one that is sure to influence the more adventurous footwear labels next season. It was interesting to see the same basic shoe skeleton used in two very different styles: the tough looking snow boots and these frou-frou ruffle shoes pictured above. And to everyone's relief, there were no tumbles noted in the unconventional footwear...

[Images: GETTY]