barely-there-sandals.jpgIn keeping with this season's obsession with all things sheer, invisible and transparent, these 'Party Barely There' sandals from Topshop could not be more on trend. The shimmering finish on the slender spaghetti-like straps has an oil-slick rainbow sheen that's sure to dazzle, while the proudly minimalist shoes sit on slender pencil-thin heels that could almost camouflage into the background! If you love these and think you have what it takes to pull off wearing them, you can pick them up in store or online for £78.

The colour base for these 100% real leather shoes is a very pale lilac that will fit in effortlessly with any pastel pieces you might have already picked up for the summer months. And if you don't like this colourway, the shoes are also available in a rose gold finish here or blue and grey combo, here. We think they'd look amazing worn with some skinny pastel jeans and bold printed tops, or as part of a bold bodycon look. Wear with some metallic shimmer in your make-up look for seriously explosive results.

The shoes, which are a little more extreme than what you might expect to find on the more general Topshop shop floor are all taken from the chain's experimental Edited range, which is a hand-picked selection of edgy garments and accessories updated every week and available only in selected stores (as well as online). You can pick up some highly original pieces here that are in many cases in line with prices in the rest of the store, so it's definitely well worth a look if you prefer to stand out just a little from the crowd.