jeffrey-campbell-style-shoes.pngIf you don't plan to get into Jeffrey Campbell's footwear this summer you probably never will, so if it's the cost that is putting you off, we suggest you head over to ASOS where they're making some pretty similar shoes to what you'll see on JC's shop shelves. Take this 'Hiro' style from the ASOS Premium range, for example! They're still made from good quality materials, including real leather and stacked wood heels, but you'll pay £85 instead of closer to £200. Check out this style along with some similar ones here

Whether your initial reaction is one of awe or horror, there is certainly no doubting that this style is very much in keeping with the coming season's key looks: it's big, it's chunky, it's un-apologetically brutish and it's been made up in a pale yet bold jungle green. We kind of wish it came in more colours, but the 'chatreuse' shown here is inoffensive enough, will match up well with the summer's tropical prints and shows the quality of the leather off nicely.

What we love most about these shoes, however, is the beautiful way the heel has been sculpted with a backward slant: it makes it look a lot more 'designer' than it really is, which is of course what we're all looking for in a high street shoe!