YSL-candide.pngThere is something undeniable opulent and glamorous about YSL shoes, and it's impressive how every new style that comes on to the market seems to be special and unique, suggesting that an awful lot of design work and talent goes into every shoe. This newly-released sandal style is no exception: it is elegant, ladylike and artfully put together - everything you could want in a contemporary designer shoe.

The basic shape of the shoe is a slimline t-bar pump with a pointed toe that's totally in keeping with this seasons obsession with all-things 1920s. The colour scheme of black suede and gold works perfectly in that context too, but it's the little modern styling twists that turn these shoes from simple retro homages into innovative items in their own right.

From the squared-off heels to the miniature buckles at the ankle, all the little details make this shoe a triumph of design, and the strips of gold ribbon wrapped around the toes are the ideal finishing touch: it's a really clever play on the toe caps that are now appearing everywhere from Miu Miu to Topshop and we think it's design dynamite. Well done YSL for once again providing us with a shoe to dream about!