headoverheels.pngEveryone needs one neutrally-coloured all-purpose pair of shoes for what we're starting to call "no sock season" and right now I'm veering towards choosing this stylish and versatile looking pair from Dune's Head over Heels range to be mine! While we're all lusting after dizzying patterns and colours and will no doubt have fun with these looks as well, it pays to be realistic and think about the sort of shoes we can wear time and time again.

All the better if that pair of shoes is stylish, on-trend and showing just enough flair to keep you in line with the season's key styles without overdoing it, and this is exactly the sort of territory that this style occupies. If you can see it peeping out from under your maxi skirts this summer then you might want to pick up a pair from Debenhams, where it's being sold at £55. 

If this is a look you love and want to explore further, we'd also highly recommend popping in to a branch of Office this summer, as there are some beautiful clog sandals on offer in their high summer collection which is due to drop in stores next month. And if you're a true clog devotee, you should definitely check out this season's crop of Swedish Hasbeens, which are available through ASOS in this season's powdery pastel pinks and blues, alongside the usual black and natural leathers. You'll pay a little more at £199, but these shoes are so comfy they'll quickly become a part of you, and they last for ages, too.