Thumbnail image for swedish-hasbeens-cute.jpgSwedish Hasbeens are still cropping up at most of the major fashion events we attend, and are very much a summer shoe of choice for the stylishly well-heeled. There are also a million-and-one clone copies on the high street, so if you can afford a pair of the originals, you'll want to check out this season's styles - including the adorable slingbacks shown here!

The sandals, which we think are almost like a 'Dorothy shoe' of clogs are made from soft leather in a gorgeous shade of cherry red with all-over perforations that allow the skin to really breathe, ideal for hot summer days. The strong colour looks beautiful against the natural blonde wood of the soles, and the bow is just the icing on the cake of this most adorable of clogs!

The slingback style is just one of many that Swedish Hasbeens currently has to offer, and we're loving the pretty pastel editions of their original sandal styles, too (see a good range of them over at ASOS). It can be hard to track down all styles offered by this thoroughly Scandinavian brand, so it's also worth having a look on Amazon if there's a particular style you've set your heart on: the plain black version of the sling-back style is available to buy for £95 here, for example.

Looking at all the pretty Swedish Hasbeens today - particularly the ones that come in lovely sugary pastel colours - is really making me want to invest in another pair, even after I wore my original pair to death (over two whole summers, I might add, and I gave them a real run for their money at festivals!) these are shoes that your feet, and your wardrobe, will love.