cat-pumps.pngIf you love Charlotte Olympia's kitty flats (and frankly if you don't, we have to wonder what's wrong with you!) then we've just spotted an opportunity to bag the look for significantly less over at Missguided. Masters of the designer 'homage', the online-only brand has some *cough* copycat black cat loafers that are the very spit of the originals; the only obvious difference being that Charlotte Olympia's shoes have gold paneling on the sides of the heels.

The other obvious difference is, of course, the matter of the price: Charlotte Olympia's shoes retail at £485 here, while Missguided's are a mere £23.99 here. The 'velvet feel' pumps are never going to last as long as the style they want to be, but if you just want to wear if for a season, we can hardly blame you for going for this wallet-friendly option. This isn't the first time that Charlotte Olympia's cats have been copied either: there was a very cute Irregular Choice style that bore a certain resemblance.

Tapping into the loafer style loved by Christian Louboutin and others, the look is perfect for 2012's androgynous looks and will add a touch of cuteness to all your laid-back leggings and jeans outfits.