camilla-skovgaard-copy.pngShoewawa update: we wrote this morning about how Bronx had made the slingback shoe pictured left, which bears a clear resemblance to several of Camilla Skovgaard's iconic shoes. Since posting, we've learned via Camilla Skovgaard's agency that the serrated sole found on many of her styles has in fact been trademarked, so naturally they're not too happy about Bronx copy. In fact, they're taking out legal proceedings against the brand.

We haven't seen another shoe style outside of the Skovgaard collection that has these jagged soles until now, and it seems there's a good reason for that!  New Look may not have been aware that the soles were trademarked, but it looks like they'll now have to remove the Bronx style from its stores. 


These shoes, clearly inspired by Camilla Skovgaard's styles are available at  New Look for £79.99, which compares with a price mark or around £400 for a Skovgaard style. The defining feature is that distinctive, serrated look, and can be worn on bare legs or under trousers, with the soles just peeping out.

The platform shoes are made in a sling-back style and are available in either this black base or a grey 'stone' colour at the same price. Our main criticism of this style is probably the metallic double strap, which we think distracts from the overall flow of the show a little. 

If you're looking to invest in the real deal, Camilla Skovgaard has some truly exciting footwear out there at the moment including her 'Indochine' patent leather wedges in one of the season's hottest shades: aqua blue. You can check it out at Net-a-Porter where it retails at £385. She's gone in for more solid, chunky soles in this season's collection but it's still this edgy look that her label is best known for. Why not get it for less?