becka_hunt.jpgKate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge has today picked out her favourite shoe from the selection presented to her by a group of young designer's at De Montfort University. The Duchess revealed her choice of shoe as she accompanied the Queen on her visit to Leicester; the first port of call on her Diamond Jubilee tour.

Her choice was the fittingly Royal blue heeled shoe-boot pictured above, shown here with its designer Becka Hunt. Becka, who was born in Peterborough said of her shoe: "My design is inspired by 19th century fashions and based around the things Kate wears, her engagement ring and her style."  

We've been really excited here at Shoewawa to see which shoe design Kate would pick, and can certainly see why she made the decision to pick Becka's design: like much of Kate's wardrobe it's a classic design with a modern slant, and it would look great worn alongside her stylish and feminine wardrobe pieces. Check out what she wore today for a case in point - a lovely nipped in jacket and skirt combo from her favourite high street haunt L.K Bennett.

We're sure that Becka's attention to detail and thoughtful design process will have appealed to the Duchess too: matching it to the one piece Kate is never seen without - her sapphire engagement ring - is a stroke of pure genius. The prototype will soon be made into a bespoke pair of shoes for Kate to wear.

Well done to Becka and to all the students who took part - we're sure they'll go far and look forward to seeing their names on a shoe near us soon.