denim-ugg-sandals.pngUgg Australia is a brand that always seem to pull something interesting out of the bag for summer (and let's face it - being a brand that's built its reputation on thermal sheepskin they have to be creative) and a recent innovation is the monogrammed denim fabric used to make these slingback wedges.

Whether or not you are a fan of the logo as it is used here, we think this shoe has a cute combination of materials and colours for spring/summer 2012, with the denim producing a nod to the laid-back 1970s boho look that's looming large. The plaited espadrille-style cord on the sides is a particularly nice touch, as is the slimline strap in pale tan at the heel. 

The monogrammed denim appears on a wider range of Ugg shoes for spring/summer 12 including flat pumps, lace-up trainers, hi-top button down boots and also bags, all as part of the 'spring denim' collection. There are black and purple editions available alongside the classic faded denim, too. 

What do you think about this new capsule range?