salmon-fishing.pngCan you guess who wore these absolutely adorable black and white bow sandals to the premiere of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen in LA earlier this week? Their wearer clearly knows how to use footwear for full effect, as photographers pored over her shoes taking almost as many pictures of them as they took of her stunning Naeem Khan lace-effect dress.

As for the shoes themselves, they are the same style of Gianvito Rossi Tuxedo shoes worn by Chloe Moretz on separate occasions (clue: it isn't Chloe!). We think they are an absolutely beautiful re-working of the classic menswear look for footwear, and a really clever piece of design.

The question is, who is the mystery owner? All we can tell you for now is that This is one stylish lady who knows how to work the red carpet and embrace style just as well as she knows how to act - and her portfolio of previous roles proves this. 

Read on for the answer...

It's Emily Blunt! A lady who never disappoints on the red carpet.

[Image: GETTY]