louboutin-au-palais.pngDie-hard Louboutin devotees tend to get a little twitchy when the designer deviates from his classic pencil heels and patent pumps, but I'm confident that this new style will delight even the most stringent Christian Louboutin purists. Aren't they just divine?

Perhaps one of the most stripped down and simple Louboutin styles we've ever seen the shoes are a rudimentary sandals with a slim single strap across the toe and another rising up the ankle for a secure and sexy swagger! The classic flash of red is artfully created through the luxe medium of Swarovski crystals underneath the heel.

This style is currently available here at New York retailer Bergdorf Goodman, where they are a hefty $1,895 (about £1,200); their price almost certainly reflecting the number of crystal elements used in their design. Here at Shoewawa we'd all dearly love a "go" in these shoes, but failing that we look forward to seeing them lighting up a red carpet near us soon.