christian-louboutin-tibu.pngEver since we first got a peek at Christian Louboutin's fabulous Mexibeads shoe, we've been holding our breath to see where this South American adventure would take him next. What we've seen so far is a dazzling array of new design avenues, each of which seems to work in tendem with the classic Louboutin styling we all know and love. This 'Tibu' style is one of the wildest yet, and we love the colour clash going on here.

'Tibu' is a shoe with plenty of carnival spirit in its soul/sole and it would be hard to resist the urge to party once you'd pulled it on. The aqua blue is a key colour of many of the designer's pieces this season, and it's used as a beautiful ocean-like canvas for the foily trim, the patent pink edging and the trademark red soles. We're also loving the zebra-stripe detailing on the edge of the soles. The basis for this shoe is the popular 'Very Prive' style (check out another example here), and it has 120mm chunky heels. 

This shoe, along with many other stand-out pieces in the current collection is an example of Louboutin at his best: a little bit quirky with a sense of humour and masses of style, oozing sex appeal and fun all at the same time. The base material is suede, with a smattering of patents and other leathers used to make the very jolly-looking pointed edge detailing.

The shoes, which are available at Louboutin World here retail at $1095 (just under £700)