river-island-design-forum.pngRiver Island's Design Forum is a truly fabulous platform for emerging fashion talent, and the best thing about it for us cash-strapped consumers is that the prices are pretty good too: These stunning wedges by Julian J Smith, for example, are £55 at River Island, and there are plenty more surprises to be had: styles that don't look quite like anything you'll find elsewhere.

Julian J Smith's designs are particularly standing out at the moment because he has such a fantastic eye for prints - whether they are bold and geometric like this one, or a bit more smudgy and abstract like his other version of this style here. These will be a great purchase for the summer months, when you can pull on a pair of these ultra tall wedges to lift up your playsuits, summer linens and denims creating incredible height and style.

River Island really are wowing us with their selection this summer, and we look forward to being able to wear a few of them soon. Check out our gallery of River Island's spring/summer 2012 shoes  to see a bigger range of what we can expect to see hitting the shelves soon.