It's been a while since we shared our shoes with you guys, as winter dragged on and we'd exhausted all our most stylish pairs in earlier galleries. But now spring is poking its head around the corner and we're into that 'transition' period between seasons, plenty of brand new and long-forgotten shoes and boots are creeping out of the wardrobe, on to our feet and in to the office!

In this week's 'show us your shoes' we've got items from several members of the commercial and editorial team, with a few familiar faces (or should that be feet!) from earlier editions. We've also got a newcomer this week in the form of editorial intern Lucy, whose style we really love: the shiny DM boots worn underneath her lovely mesh and heart-detail skirt are true grunge chic. We've also broadened our remit to include men's shoes if they're stylish enough - and designer Sunny certainly made the cut this week with his incredibly smart brogues!

Our Office crew are clearly a bunch of shoe lovers but we know there are many more stylish people out there and we want to hear from YOU! If you think you can do better than us with your footwear pics, send them in to us either at @shoewawa on Twitter, or directly by email to our editor at abisilvester @ aiguamedia dot com - and we'll add your images to this week's gallery.