glitter-topshop-sandals.pngWe're seeing so much creativity on the high street at the moment that there's guaranteed to be something worth getting excited about wherever you look. Topshop in particular has really gone for the glitter trend, which is about to hit us in unseasonably sparkly style, and we love the way they've used it on these otherwise quite plain and sensible wide-strapped sandals. There's a subtle little nod to the 20s going on here, with the girly t-bar effect, but they are very much on trend for S/S 12's contemporary look.

Felix comes in two different 'flavours' depending on whether silver or gold is more your thing. The gold glitter versions are equally eye-catching and lovely, and both styles are £40. And for those who really want to channel Miu Miu-esque glamour this summer, there's also a rose pink version which is well worth a look here. All are a more pretty way to wear the season's flatties - some of which can appear a little too orthopedic for some!

If you're not quite sure how to work glitter into your look in what feels like the wrong season, take courage in the fact that everyone's going to be doing it to a certain extent! It's going to add an extra note of spice to your hot colours, neons and tribal prints, so don't worry too much about how you match it: we certainly won't be losing any sleep over getting this particular look and are looking forward to having an awful lot of fun wearing it!