neon-trim-shoes.pngIt has to be said that 2012 is not a great year for those who don't like sports. Not only have we got the Olympics to contend with, there's a whole fashion focus on sport and fitness too, officially known as 'sport luxe'; unofficially known by many as 'that awful garish trend that's not very forgiving for non-athletes'. Many are positively phobic of the look, and particularly hate the emphasis on neons - you know who you are!

But the good news is, it doesn't have to be that way! There's a more subtle take on sport luxe that almost anyone can carry off, and ALDO have done it particularly well with this cork wedge. The neon trim is by no means over-the-top, but just adds that much-needed bit of interest to the otherwise all white leather straps - bringing them right on trend without turning you into a beacon: they're called Brimfield and available online here for £50.

Also available in 'bone' leather with a pink trim, the shoes are a great choice if you're looking for one fun, statement pair of sandals for spring/summer 2012. They can be worn with so many of the season's hot styles, and will enhance and bring out a tan, too. Definitely worth investing now!