The Hunger Games is the film that everyone's talking about this week, and if you haven't caught it yet, we're not sure why you're not already hailing a taxi cab and speeding off to the nearest cinema right now - this movie is quite simply amazing! If the highly original, hugely compelling and downright disturbing plot line doesn't grab you the film's styling will, as we've never seen quite so many dazzling hair colours, jaw-dropping outfits or avant-garde makeup looks on one screen. Incredible.

Lead role in the movie is Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Katniss Everdeen; a young woman who finds herself thrust into the spotlight in a horrific Big Brother-style contest where impoverished citizens fight to the death. After making an unforgettable entrance dressed in a flaming costume and earning herself the nickname 'the girl on fire', Lawrence's character reveals a strength of character that she must draw upon at every turn to stay alive in the brutal Huger Games landscape. An incredible story unfolds, and there's very little more we can say without giving away all manner of spoilers.

Off set, Lawrence may not rock up in a suit of flames to every occasion, but she did impress us with her cute, tricolour spring look as she left a Good Morning America filming in Times Square last week. Looking fresh and summery, Lawrence completed her look with a pair of uber stylish Giuseppe Zanotti calfskin sandals in a brilliant white leather with a soft scalloped effect. We think the shoes complement her draped and laid-back outfit beautifully, and the wide straps provide a classy and chic silhouette.