titanic-3d-premiere.pngOn one of the finest spring days we've seen in London this year, yesterday's Titanic 3D premiere saw the stars came out to play for - and they stuck around on the red carpet for the cameras to get a good close-up look at their swag. Hurrah! This meant we got to see plenty of lovely shoe shots, including this rather intriguing pair.

The mesh booties are very space age in a sort of 1960s fantasy way, and look amazing worn with the on-trend pastel nail polish - it's sets off the slightly pinkish tinge in the leather that holds the shoes together and the cute over sized buckle at the sides. Whoever wore these shoes clearly knows a little bit about styling, but we think there might be a sci-fi connection too - after all, the shoes have a markedly space-aged appeal.

We're not going to tell you who the owner is just yet though, as it's another of our tantalizing 'whose shoes' puzzles to see how much attention you've been paying to your celeb shoegazing activities in the past few days. But fear not: the answer will be revealed at 3pm, and in the meantime you can have a bit of fun guessing at some of our previous guess-whos.

Scroll on to reveal the answer!


...It's Gemma Chan who played Mia Bennett in the BBC's Doctor Who "The Waters of Mars" with David Tennant and Soo Lin in Sherlock. The actress looked amazing in a pretty pleated white dress that definitely showed how less is more on the red carpet:


[Image: GETTY]