Aldo-paint-splatter.pngWe've been consistently amazed and impressed by ALDO's footwear offering for spring/summer 2012, and hot on the heels of the successful Rise collection comes this totally irresistible standalone style called "McCamish". We absolutely love the choice of colours used to make the spattered abstract print, and can only imagine it took a lot of designer brains to get that pattern looking so effortlessly cool.

There's a little bit of every colour you'll need in your wardrobe going on in this design, from the lilac gradient to the royal blue heel and flashed of yellow neon. The choice of that eye-popping shade for the slim ankle strap is just genius, and is a practical way to ensure the shoe is completely in keeping with the summer's key trends.

The same shoe is also available in an orange fuchsia mix (compare the two here) and both styles cost £70. This style is a great way in to summer 2012 for anyone who wants to embrace the season's brightness and experimentation without straying too far from their usual high street comfort zone - ALDO are taking us further and further away from our usual footwear choices at the moment and this is definitely no bad thing!