summer-sandals.pngA quick glance around the office has revealed that everyone has a bit of a footwear 'comfort zone' during the summer months. For some, it's flip-flops all the way, stepping into their Havaianas or iPanemas in March, only to remove them when the first frosts begin. For others, it's espadrilles, TOMS shoes or other slip-on flatties for teaming with pedal pushers and sundresses. Others still swear by their Birkenstocks or clogs, such as Swedish Hasbeens.

We all love our crazy, strappy heels but what I want to know today is what's your go-to shoe style for summer? What gets you from A to B in the morning and sees you home at the end of a long day on your feet?Having worn Swedish Hasbeens for two summers running and still loving the clog style I'd know what my answer would be, but summer shoe style is changing rapidly, and we've already all but waved goodbye to the Gladiator sandal, a style whose reign once looked like it would never come to an end!

Summer shoes need to fit our feet better and be more comfortable than winter styles in many ways: we tend to wear them on our bare skin, and the blisters from a badly-fitting pair of sandals can be agonising. So I think for many, our favourite comfy summer shoes are one of the most important pieces in our wardrobes, but with so many well-made pieces out there it's entirely possible for them to look stylish, too.

So what summer shoe tribe do you belong to? Let us know in comments...