turquoise-louboutins.pngWhile we've been daydreaming about all the lovely new colours in Christian Louboutin's palette, certain high net worth individuals have just been getting out there and buying them up, and so far we're loving the results on the red carpet. Just check out the riot of colours going on in this pic alone!

This is one of Louboutin's higher style - with a hefty platform balancing out the stem - so perhaps this wearer is a little bit on the short side? Or maybe she just likes to walk tall. We'll tell you that the shoes appeared at an event held earlier this week by The Prince's Trust and L'Oreal Paris, in an award ceremony to recognise the successes of young people who have overcome challenges such as depression, addiction and homelessness. 

But what we really really want to know is who owns these lovely Loubies? Can you recognise the legs in that playful pose? We'll reveal the results later, but if you think you know the answer, let us know in comments.

Can you guess? Read on to find out who wore them!


It was former Spice Girl Emma Bunton wearing the striking aqua-coloured Loubies. Here she is on the red carpet looking utterly glam!


[Image: GETTY]