socks-in-sandals.jpgFashion loves breaking its own rules, and this year it's as if all the biggest designers are out on a rampage, smashing up those style stereotypes with sledgehammers! Blue and green should never be seen? Actually, we saw them a year ago and people went for it in droves. Black and brown together? You can have those on a pair of boots and everyone will love 'em. Orthopedic-looking flatforms? Maybe not quite such an easy sell, but they're almost acceptable now that certain 'quirky' celebs have been seen out and about in them.

All that was clearly too easy for those sadistic fashion houses, because now they've plumbed the depths of all those entrenched fashion no-nos we're down to one of the biggest fashion taboos of All Time: socks with sandals. Argggghhhhh!

Pictured above is Dolce & Gabbana's personal take on the trend: available at £455 here, it's girly a pale pink peep-toe t-bar with a distinctly grown-up bedroomy black lace sock soldered inside the shoe so you can't cheat by taking it off. But what do you think. Are you gonna wear it??