yull-shoes.pngHome-grown maker of stylish women's shoes Yull Shoes has announced that it is to move production from China to the UK after a factory was found with machines suitable for making its current line of ladies footwear. This could make it the only independent shoemaker to produce high heels here in Britain.

The move towards UK production will be a particularly appropriate step for Yull, whose logo is a Union Jack, printed on the sole of each shoe. Its founder, 22-year-old Sarah Watkinson has said that 'the shoes cost a little more to make but on a small production run there is not much difference between costs in Britain and in China'. 

Prices in the existing collection are, we think, very reasonable for an indie label producing high quality footwear that's smart and individual: they start at £65 and go up to £110. The naming convention of the shoes also has a patriotic flavour, including Ascot, Hoxton and Stratford - in honour of the upcoming Olympics. You can see a few of the shoes in the Yull collection here.