jewelled-sandals.pngThe summer is going to be all about relaxed glamour, so you can't go too far wrong in stocking up now on basics that have a bit of a luxe touch somewhere in their design. Topshop, as ever, are bang on the money with this simple sandal style, which they've given the full 2012 treatment with that cluster of sparkling crystals set on the front and top straps. They are £58 here if you want to get ahead of the curve in time for the next mini heatwave!

(OK there's no good weather forecast anywhere in the UK over the next week or so, but that isn't going to stop us from dreaming about it and preparing our wardrobes accordingly - positive thinking, folks!)

This particular style is just one of many we've seen that channel the relaxed chic look, but it's a good example at a great price. There are so many ways you could put these sandals to good use, as they'll match up with denim, neutrals, patterns and anything else your wardrobe is likely to throw at them - the crystals even make them a great option for day to evening wear.