With the Olympics just around the corner and the Queen's Jubilee coming up in June, 2012 is shaping up to be a year to celebrate all things British. Those who had feared that this patriotic preoccupation could lead to a deluge of tacky union Jackery need not have worried because instead we're seeing all kinds of gorgeous and innovative home grown products being released, many of them on limited edition runs.

Some of the best pieces to come out of this focus on 'heritage' design are the crossovers and collaborations we're seeing between our favourite British brands, and the pairing of Clarks shoes and Liberty of London is a match made in heaven! Our particular favourite has to be the Jilli Sherbert style in Navy floral: a hi-top sports-style boot featuring a brightly coloured print from Liberty's archives. It's not the first time a trainer brand has decked itself out in Liberty print (and we still love the 2009 collaboration with Nike to bits) but it's a great updating of earlier styles out there.

This is a great alternative to the ubiquitous Converse boot, and gives and amazing flash of colour worn with skinny jeans. The bold reds and yellows on this lightweight boot really seem to glow from the fabric, and the overall look is distinctively Brit chic. You can buy it at Clarks for £44.99, or check out the softer pastel version featuring a white mix in chalky greys and blues.