marni-mary-jane.jpgEaster Monday may be a day for relaxing and kicking back with whatever remains of your chocolate eggs stash for many, but it's also the day the shops re-open and you can get back to some serious shopping. We've been mostly looking but not touching today, and top of our lottery-win wishlist is a pair of striking Mary Jane shoes from Marni.

These sassy shoes tick off several major footwear trends, with their ultra-long form and pointed toes. These features combine with a brogue trim at the heels and a slender 1920s-style strap for those going for the opulent look of past times this season.

The colour scheme is an interesting blend of blues and silver metallics which could be tricky to pull off unless you're buying in to the sheer, ghostly fabrics represented on the catwalk. The shoes would be most at home worn with ultra-ladylike pencil skirts and sharp-cut blouses for a truly elegant silhouette. If you like them and want to 'invest', you can pick up a pair at Net-a-Porter where they are £400.