chloe-mary-jane.pngHow's this for a Mary Jane shoe? We're not aware of any upper limit to the amount of straps found on an 'MJ', and while six is certainly unusual, we don't think it should stop this amazing shoe by Chloe from getting in to our Monday feature. It's available from Barney's New York and other highly reputable establishments, and we're a little bit spellbound by it today. 

The beautifully balanced design of this shoe is what makes it such an instant hit with us, and there is a pleasant symmetry in the perfectly square silver buckles, the wide straps and the gentle rounded toe. While the main appeal of these shoes is clearly their style, we can imagine they'd feel great to wear, too: particularly for those who love the feel of a calf length boot but don't want to overheat through wearing long boots in summer.

These shoes (or can we call them shoe-boots?) really have the best of both worlds, as they'd work well in the same contexts you'd wear knee high boots in, but have the girly appeal of a Mary Jane shoe going on all at the same time. We'd love to see them worn with one of this season's long 'tailed' skirts, open at the front just like the boots, and with a long train-effect skirt sweeping behind. Genius!