miumiu-heels.jpgWe're a little wary about comparing designer styles with cheaper high street knock-offs at the moment, but since the maker of this shoe describes it as having 'Miu Miu heels', we're guessing it's OK to point out the resemblance. After all, you can't deny that the bendy tree trunk supporting these platform shoes is very much 'after Miuccia Prada'!

This pair, as you might have guessed, are not made by Miu Miu but by a label called Daniel Brabham which you can buy at Viva La Diva and elsewhere. Being made with real leather and suede they are still not exactly cheap but still a fraction of the cost of the shoes that inspired them, and you can pick up a pair for £129 here. They look remarkably like some similar Sam Edelman styles - which are undoubtedly influenced by the same designer pieces.

Wherever they got the ideas, the punchy apricot-coloured suede is a lovely tone to go for this summer, and we'd love to team this with our favourite draped dresses. The peep toe allows for the possibility of all sorts of fun nail polish looks, but I think I'd like to see them with a contrasting dark plum colour best of all.