prada_flame_shoes.pngEver since Fergie wore those flame Prada shoes on the red carpet last month (they were green ones for St. Patrick's Day, but we'll ignore that detail for now) we've been coveting her style. Now you can see a little more about the influences that Prada were channeling when they designed the season's hottest heels, in this glamorous 50s-inspired video, featuring pin-up styled ladies, gleaming hot rods and the brand's own iconic winged sunglasses.

Prada's latest ad campaign is certainly going to go down as one of history's classic commercials, and it shows the spring/summer range at its absolute best. If the shoes don't get you, the accessories will and we are now totally lusting after the pastel-coloured boxy bags, patterned headscarves and jewel-encursted earrings. Oh, and that incredible vintage hair and make-up too: if you thought we'd moved on from 50s retro you might want to think again, as this video will have you heading straight down to Vivienne of Holloway for a brand new dress.  

If you're seriously in need of the shoes, there are actually several variation on the style available, all in store now at New York's Bergdorf Goodman. Prices start at a relatively low-for-Prada $890 (approximately £560) and go up to $1450 (£915) for the more elaborate styles. Our absolute favourite is, of course, the most expensive, which is the ornate rose pink jewelled edition pictured above. Aren't they a thing of beauty? The pastel pink looks so pretty against the patent black and we absolutely love the way the back of the shoe echoes the rear end of a classic car. Want it now!

Or otherwise, just sit back and enjoy the video...