mcqueen-no-heel.jpgThe House of Alexander McQueen has just released another batch of breathtaking shoes on to the market this week, with some of the hottest catwalk styles from the spring/summer 2012 runway shows starting to drop in store. The latest to reach our style radar is this incredible lace-up wedge style, which takes a classic boot model and twists it into futuristic perfection in the label's inimitable style.

We love the choice of soft pastel pink in this design, not just because it's one of the biggest seasonal colours, but because there is such a delightful contrast between the girl, ultra-feminine cuteness of it and the harsh, jutting shape of the shoe itself. The scooped out rose gold on the back of the wedge makes a pleasing point of interest, while the curled eyelets at the top mimic familiar Victorian-style lacing found in more traditional shoes.

If you're in the market for such extravagant footwear you can purchase this style for the tidy sum of £3,495 over at Net-a-Porter. We're fully expecting a pair to end up in the wardrobe of Lady Gaga, but is this really the shape of things to come? We're working on the theory that no shoes will have heels by 2015 - they seem to be a disappearing feature in footwear!