zara_sandals.pngWe're under no illusions about the naming conventions for shoes: put simply, they don't make the slightest bit of sense. But we have to admit that we're a bit confused as to why Zara have called this rather pretty lattice-cut sandal style 'Jelly Shoes'. Jelly shoes are a thing, after all, and this isn't an example of it! But let's forgive them that bit of madness, as these are rather lovely summer shoes.

This very simple style is a basic but beautifully-cut shoe made even more desirable by having two lovely rich tones of brown in its straps. The straps are not made of leather - but they're not made of jelly either - and they actually do a pretty good impression of being made from natural materials. Certainly good enough for a shoe you'll most probably just be wearing on dressed down days or trips to the beach when the summer dust is flying.

For just £29 a pair we're not going to complain, and these will make a stylish addition to our summer wardrobes of baggy pants, culottes, cut-off coloured jeans and maxi skirts. They've got a certain sophistication to them that will help add a note of class to all your relaxed seasonal looks. Pick them up online from Zara or in any of their high street stores.