Being the die-hard Christian Louboutin fans that we are, we never really have a bad word to say about the designer and his endlessly beautiful creations (OK, we may have made an exception for this style, but it really was the exception that proves the rule). Ginzi is yet another successful style, and another design that makes us wonder just how many brilliant ideas he can pull out of the hat.

Of course, the real reason for the seemingly endless run of gorgeous creations is the blank canvas that each new design sits on: the flawless basic stiletto style that accounts for Louboutin's original success. He really just re-invents the shoe again and again with each change in fabric, pattern or, in this case, cut.

The shimmering gold leather is decorated with cut out circles in different sizes, giving the shoe a fun, playful look. Gold is so this season, and it's one of those magical tones that works with everything - just pull them on and put on the glam! They are available to buy over at Net-a-Porter, where they'll cost you £535.