jeffrey_campbell_lita.pngThought you'd seen all the wonderful colours and patterns for Jeffrey Campbell's Lita boot this season? Think again, as we've just seen what is possibly our favourite combo for spring/summer 2012. The yellow mix version of this flower/starburst pattern is just scrummy, and you can get if for £125 over at Oxygen Boutique.

The combination of spring green, daffodil yellow, sky blue and sunny orange really evokes the beautiful weather we're not currently getting, so just looking at this shoe is a reminder of the warmer days that are yet to come! Its maple-coloured wooden heel is also perfectly on trend for the 1970s-inspired fashion mood.

The Lita still seems to be the shoe of choice for those with an edgy style and heaps of fashion cred, and we don't see it wandering off any time soon! Alongside Jeffrey Campbell's more daring heelless styles it's a statement you can make every day and that's why we love it so much. More like this please!