steve_madden_2012.jpgHere's a bit of happy shoe news for a wet Monday: a fun wedge style we've been eyeing up from US label Steve Madden has finally appeared on UK shop shelves. Yay! But even better, the shop in question is TK Maxx, so the price is significantly lower than we'd expected. Here's what we wrote about the 'Winnona' wedge back in February, and here's where you can buy this shoe for a very reasonable £34.99.

It's worth noting that the two shoes described are one and the same style (we've been into a store to check) but with a choice of subtly different patterns and colours: both the shoe pictured above and the version we wrote about back in February are on sale now in TK Maxx at the same price ('s also available for £79.99 over at New Look if you want for any reason to pay more!).

We love this particular print for summer 2012, as it taps into the crazy tribal-inspired prints that are going to be everywhere when the sun pokes its head around the cloud it's currently hiding under. Tall, stylish and very summery, these will be a great holiday dressing-up ally.