jerome-c-rousseau-sandals.pngGlitter is no longer a frivolous embellishment to be applied to pre-Christmas 'party season' purchases only: this summer it's a key ingredient in some of the most stylish and sophisticated shoes, from some of our favourite designers and brands, and we are constantly surprised by the tasteful ways that the much-maligned sparkly stuff is being used.

Jerome C Rousseau's flat 'Muscat' sandals are a good case in point. At £479 (from Oxygen Boutique) they are certainly not within everyone's summer sandal budget, but however high they set the price, they can't stop us from looking. There's a gorgeous combination of dark, understated coarse grain glitter and pale buttery tan here that shouldn't work but somehow does, and the over-all curved style of the shoe creates a clever Art Deco inspired aesthetic that's hard to resist for summer 2012. The cushioned sole and beautifully crafted heel makes the quality of this shoe immediately apparent. Can you imagine a more desirable summer flat?