brown-wedges.pngLove Moschino is a great label to stalk if (like us) you are partial to wearing lovehearts on your feet. Today our own heartstrings have been tugged by these rather wonderful tan wedges, which are dotted all over by lots of small cut-out hearts that change the shoe from being a classic, stylish wedge to all of those things with real character and charm.

The effect is created by overlaying the heart-perforated brown leather over the top of a wooden sole which gives a cool contrast and adds loads of interest to the high wedge. Plain wedges can get a little dull, so these are a good choice if you want a shoe you can wear with almost anything in summer, but that has a bit more of a life of its own than many other shoes you'll find in the shops.

There's also a practical element to the design, as encasing the wood in leather makes them a little bit more resilient to the elements - ideal for those of us who live in climates where rain is never far away, even in the height of summer. The shoes are made from a tough leather which will take a bit of wearing in - but will last and last through several summers.

If you like these shoes, you can pick up a pair for £220 over at Zalando, who'll getthem  delivered to you within 2-3 working days. While you're there, you might also want to check out these rather fabulous wellie boots from the Love Moschino, which bear the slogan 'Wet-a-Porter'. Yup, we groaned too - but we wouldn't kick them off in a storm...