rain-boots.pngThese puffed-up moon boots are a bit of a first here on Whose Shoes: normally on a Thursday we'll share some incredibly dainty Louboutin or Chanel heels with you and get you to guess the identity of their ultra-stylish owner, but with the weather chucking it down here in London and the very thought of exposing our best shoes to the elements bringing us out in a rash, we thought we'd go for something a little bit rain-appropriate instead.

The question is, who in the self-conscious celebrity world would possibly dare to wear a style like this in public? She's clearly a bit of an individual dresser (the leggings alone could have told you that) and has an obvious sense of humour to boot. Can you guess who she is? The picture was taken right here in London, so our inclement weather is definitely to blame for the wardrobe decision!

Did you get it? Read on to reveal the answer...


It's Nikki Minaj in the kerr-razy boots. Who else!? ;)