topshop-chunky-trainers.pngIf the high street shops are anything to go on, everybody should be about three inches taller this summer, as these thick-soled canvas lace-ups are everywhere. I've not seen many on actual feet as yet, but can only assume someone's buying them as new styles in every colour of the rainbow seem to be appearing each week.

What do you think of this phenomenon? Most of us have now come around to the idea of wedge trainers: they look so cute, and let's face it, they are such an easy way to get some extra height! But the flatform-style lace-ups seem to take a little bit more getting used to. This style, aptly-named 'Tower' is from Topshop, where you can buy them for £22, but you'll find similar shoes in many other stores.

The question is, would you actually wear them? I'm a sucker for height, and frankly I'll try almost anything that makes me taller. But these do remind me a little bit too much of a bumper car to be attractive - in my humble opinion. What do you think?

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