iron_man_dunks.jpgLoved The Avengers? These incredible Iron Man Nike Dunks are some of the best custom trainers we've seen all year, but of course you'd expect nothing less from the legendary Stark Industries, who have probably filled them full of rocket fuel and all manner of other powerful and awe-inspiring things.

The trainers were actually customised by artist J'Field Yeo of, who also made an awesome Captain America shoe a year ago. The Iron Man creations are even more wearable and stylish in their own right, and we love the way the colour scheme mirror's the superhero's iconic body armour. 

Like the Back to the Future Shoes these trainers are a huge amount of fun and are sure to be worth a small fortune in years to come (they are approximately £470 to order new from the site - with batteries included!). The LED lights at the front and back of the trainers - which mirror Iron Man's rectangular eyes are particularly impressive, and we'd love to see them worn. But who would be worthy to wear Iron Man's shoes?