cannes_celebrity_fashion.pngThe Cannes film festival has spawned some incredible footwear this year, as short hemlines and increasingly statement-making heels have taken centre stage. This particular star, who stepped on to the red carpet yesterday, is well known as a lover of tall shoes, and has been seen more than once wearing rather a lot of black. But can you identify her by her footwear alone?

The kicks in question are unmistakably the work of Christian Louboutin, but they're not a pair of classic Pigalles: they have a highly unusual, elliptical-shaped heel that gives them a certain weight and character we really like. We think they probably balance out that chunky heel really well and would dearly love to have a 'go' in them! We'd have to fight their pint-sized owner first though...

Can you guess who she is?

Think you know who it is? Read on to find out the answer...


It's Kylie Minogue who teamed the shoes with a wonderful moss green peplum dress at the photocall of 'Holy Motors' in Cannes yesterday. Another great choice from the pop princess!

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