louboutin_iphone_app.pngKeeping up with what Christian Louboutin is up to can be hard work, even for the most committed shoe-lover. But now, those with an iPhone or iTouch can stay abreast of the design genius's latest movements as a brand new Christian Louboutin app has been launched!

Available globally from the Apple store, the app is free of charge and includes an array of fun features for the Louboutin addict. These include: a wish list function (we're pretty sure we could fill that!) the chance to browse the full set of sketches from the 20 ans retrospective collection, a store locator that works all over the world and a news area that regularly updates on Monsieur Louboutin's latest developments.

Best of all, the app opens with a signature flash of red before ushering fans in...all you need now is a sparkling Swarovski crystal Louboutin phone case, right?

Download the Louboutin app here.