tipsyfeet.jpgWe're about to hit a long weekend, and for many that extra day to recover means double the chance to party! So if super high heeled shoes are involved in the festivities, you may want to consider keeping your feet happy afterwards...

Folding flats are a tried-and-tested solution to this problem (and trust me, you'll never feel quite as comfy in your heels as you do when you know you can jettison them for some flats at any moment) and a new kid on the black whose name we can't help but love is Tipsyfeet

Tipsyfeet's cute pumps come in a range of patterns and colours from simple block colour to nautical stripe and this decorative floral print. They're comfy and easy on the feet, and look lovely too: each pair comes in its own matching bag, which makes them all the more suited to accompanying you to parties, weddings and all sorts of other occasions where standing around is a given.

Want to bag a pair for yourself? We've got one to give away to the first reader who leaves a comment telling us a bit about their weekend plans. Make sure you leave your email address in the comment, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! UK entrants only, please.